Super Last Minute Valentines Gift

I’ve been obsessed with this idea I first saw over at OH HAPPY DAY for a Birthday in a Can.

I loved the idea of opening a sealed can to find fun surprises. (Packaging is half the fun!)

Items you’ll need are:

– a tab pull can

– can opener (I used the kind that cuts the side of the can…clean and safe!)

– scraps of paper

– photo print outs

– markers

– glue gun

– extra surprises for your love! (chocolates, meringues, caramels….oh yeaaaaaa)



1 . Prep the can. Open the can from the BOTTOM. I washed it out and spray painted it gold to make it feel a bit more fancy.

2 . Make a new label. I doodled a self portrait and glued it on some card stock.

3 . Prep the fun surprises! I made a paper chain link, wrote a short valentines day note, made a mini banner, and linked small photos I printed out.

4 . Tape the banners, photos and paper chain to the inside of the can onto the lid.


5 . Cram everything into the can. Here’s where you’d layer everything carefully into the can. At this point you can add sweets and fun gifts. I started out with a bigger can so that I could put more items in, but i liked the aesthetics of a small can better. (Also, a ziplock full of goldfish crackers ain’t so sexy, and who would be content with just six crackers?! Those shall be gifted separately!)

6 . Glue the bottom of the can to seal it all in. I used my trusty glue gun. If you don’t feel comfortable with a glue gun, you could use decorative washi tape!

7 . Glue your label onto the can.

8 . Gift it to your friends, family or significant other! WOOT! You’re done! (note: when I popped the can open for this pic, my mom was so sad, she wanted me to give it to someone…but how would I get the shot, mama?)

I hope you guys have fun creating this gift for a loved one!


DIY: Mr. Minchums Photo Holder

Well…I guess it’s later in the week now. So here’s how to make your very own Mr. Minchums photo holder.

Things you need.

Things you need

-air dry clay

-12 gauge wire

-plyers (wire twister thingies)




IMG_0946 IMG_0947

1. Form a Mr. Minchums shaped ball of clay.

2. Make some tiny pudgy arms for him and attach to body.

3. Set aside.

4. Bend tip of wire down.

5. Clamp middle of heart and fold other half to form a little heart. ❤

6. Loop wire around heart and back down again. (Now you’re done with his balloon!)

7. Paint and accessorise! I painted him green with cut out glasses and a bright pink bowtie. You can accessorise however you want!

8. Seal with Modpodge.

9. FINITO. You can use him as a photo holder, a place marker at parties, plant markers for your garden or a as a prize for a name your blog contest!



Here are some other characters you could try out!

Mr. Minchum friends!

Mr. Minchum friends!

**Luigi is a bug eyed pug I know in real life. He farted next to me when I was sick and I almost barfed on him. I have a soft spot in my heart for him, so if you make a Luigi photo holder, please post a pic! I’d love to see what fun things you guys come up with!

Thanks for stopping by!


MintageMade…Let’s begin!

I am SO not tech-savvy. I was prepared to post about a week ago, but took time to figure things out. ( I haven’t figured things out, but here we go anyway!) Thank you to everyone for helping me think of a blog name. Hopefully MintageMade will provide you some fun craft projects and ideas.

Fawny K. Please keep an eye out for the grand prize being sent to you soon! Learn how to make this Mr. Minchums photo holder/plant marker/business card holder/boring desk ornament later this week!

Photo holder, free fries, and three bucks!

Photo holder, free fries, and three bucks!

(Yea, I included free fries…Baller, I know.)