Super Last Minute Valentines Gift

I’ve been obsessed with this idea I first saw over at OH HAPPY DAY for a Birthday in a Can.

I loved the idea of opening a sealed can to find fun surprises. (Packaging is half the fun!)

Items you’ll need are:

– a tab pull can

– can opener (I used the kind that cuts the side of the can…clean and safe!)

– scraps of paper

– photo print outs

– markers

– glue gun

– extra surprises for your love! (chocolates, meringues, caramels….oh yeaaaaaa)



1 . Prep the can. Open the can from the BOTTOM. I washed it out and spray painted it gold to make it feel a bit more fancy.

2 . Make a new label. I doodled a self portrait and glued it on some card stock.

3 . Prep the fun surprises! I made a paper chain link, wrote a short valentines day note, made a mini banner, and linked small photos I printed out.

4 . Tape the banners, photos and paper chain to the inside of the can onto the lid.


5 . Cram everything into the can. Here’s where you’d layer everything carefully into the can. At this point you can add sweets and fun gifts. I started out with a bigger can so that I could put more items in, but i liked the aesthetics of a small can better. (Also, a ziplock full of goldfish crackers ain’t so sexy, and who would be content with just six crackers?! Those shall be gifted separately!)

6 . Glue the bottom of the can to seal it all in. I used my trusty glue gun. If you don’t feel comfortable with a glue gun, you could use decorative washi tape!

7 . Glue your label onto the can.

8 . Gift it to your friends, family or significant other! WOOT! You’re done! (note: when I popped the can open for this pic, my mom was so sad, she wanted me to give it to someone…but how would I get the shot, mama?)

I hope you guys have fun creating this gift for a loved one!


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